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Premium grocery retailer investigates ways to transform


Propose ways to improve the current  shopping experience - by offering more exciting customer journeys & superior service, clearly rooted in the distinctive brand purpose, the brand is famous for.


No implementation budget, provide a scaled range of ideas to take to the board to discuss scenarios and create momentum for brand transformation. 



Working with a wide, cross-discipline client team, we looked at global trends and best practices across sectors & picked directions for development.  

Split into smaller groups, we ran four days 

of workshops, developing & prioritising ideas across omni-channel shopping journeys

of several consumer archetypes.



Remote and in-person retail & HQ staff interviews - across disciplines, seniority & geographies. 


Mystery shopping across formats.


Consumer, competitor & trend analysis. 


Customer journey mapping.


Working sessions to discuss progress 

& receive in-room feedback.


Over a hundred experience ideas.


Across Communications, Environments, Operations, Staff behaviour & Tech.


Within distinctive customer journeys 

(from Initial brand awareness 

to Post-purchase evaluation).


Prioritised, phased and supported 

by client teams across markets & seniority. 


Five big ideas (e.g. reusable packaging), in three levels of execution each: 

⏤ Step (little investment, could implement tomorrow)

⏤ Stretch (mid-level, could do within months, requires some preparation)

⏤ Leap (touchpoint reimagining, requires a business case & further approval).

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