Twist of Lemon

  In-market insights & ideation for the new normal

New ways for the new normal

The key to post-COVID success is in the understanding of the new consumer behaviour. With that, Twist of Lemon can help like few other.

We are a consumer-obsessed insight & ideation consultancy.

Our consumer insights are based on first-hand, in-market research, clients are invited to join to get a better feel for the situation on the ground, today

We help clients develop novel consumer experiences across channels - to grow & thrive in the New Normal.  

Our ideas scale from brand transformations to low-key experimental upgrades of the existing consumer experiences.

We are lean, collaborative & produce impactful, implementable work.

The New Normal is a fact of life,

Let’s have a chat & make the most of it.

What we do

In-market research

(What the markets are like, today)

⏤  Eyes-on-the-ground market insights

⏤  Macro & micro trends & shifts

⏤  Global safari tours

Consumer Insights

(What the market natives want)


(What you could do to win them over)

⏤  Consumer needs & pains

⏤  Mind-state analysis

⏤  Expectation gaps

⏤  Brand development & transformation

⏤  Omni-channel customer journeys

⏤  New forms of consumer engagement

⏤  Brand & retail experiences


Why us

The traditional agency model didn't bring the best out of anyone involved.

Fortunately, we don't work that way. 

Maximised client value

(Lean & transparent planning)

⏤ No passed-on overhead costs

⏤ Absolute transparency of value

 of fee subject to agreed

project KPIs, where possible


(Taking on isolated tasks & projects)


(Implementable problem solving)

⏤ Only efficient, senior partners

⏤ Building on client’s expertise
⏤ Short sprints that deliver

⏤ Eyes-on-the-ground research

⏤ Only ideas that solve problems
⏤ No group think & idea

Everyone's got a past

Worked as

⏤  Head of Insights

⏤  Head of Planning

⏤  Journalist

⏤  Senior Account Director

⏤  Senior Trends Analyst

⏤  Shop floor sales consultant

Worked with

⏤ Adidas
⏤ Ford
⏤ Hilton
⏤ Microsoft

⏤ Nationwide

⏤ Pandora

⏤ Pokemon

⏤ Starbucks

⏤ Unilever


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